Welcome to Body Beauty Botox in Preston, Lancashire

We specialise in body, facial and aesthetic treatments for both men and women of all shapes, sizes and weights. All of our clients are made to feel instantly at ease with our friendly team. We don’t bore you with medical jargon and facts about fat cells and skin cells but we all certainly still know our stuff and pride ourselves on getting you the best results you deserve!

All treatments are carried out using official 3D Lipo machines and technology, our machines are the UK’s No.1 Non-Surgical machines, also used by doctors & surgeons such as Dr Banwell and business heavyweights such as Lord Sugar. All of our treatments are carried out by fully qualified and registered nurses and aestheticians with over 7 years experience.

So if it’s a few pounds you need a little extra help shifting or you’d like refreshed glowing skin, then give us a call!

Chloe goodman bum lift - bum lift in Preston

CELEBRITIES who use our services

Bespoke body treatments

“Mum tums”  ᐧ Cellulite  ᐧ Inch loss ᐧ  Tightening up loose saggy skin  ᐧ C Section scars and overhangs  ᐧ Stretch marks ᐧ Bum lifts ᐧ Bingo wings  ᐧ Double chins ᐧ Man boobs ᐧ Muffin tops ᐧ  Love Handles ᐧ Back & bra fat ᐧ Banana rolls (Under bum)  ᐧ Thigh gaps ᐧ Stubborn fat reduction ᐧ Weight loss ᐧ

Rejuvenating facials

Deep line and wrinkle treatments  ᐧ Crows feet ᐧ Saggy jowls ᐧ Double chin tightening  ᐧ Jawline definition ᐧ Smile lines ᐧ Smokers lines ᐧ  Deep frown lines ᐧ Under-eye wrinkles ᐧ Neck lifting ᐧ ACNE treatments  ᐧ Pigmentation ᐧ Dry & dull skin treatments ᐧ Chemical peels ᐧ Microdermabrasion  ᐧ Radio Frequency ᐧ THE HIFU FACE LIFT ᐧ Mesotherapy ᐧ L.E.D Light Therapy ᐧ Gold Collagen & Vitamin Masks  ᐧ

Aesthetic and injectable treatments

Botox  ᐧ Mini Botox  ᐧ Advanced Botox inc. botox to combat sweating  ᐧ Dermal filler ᐧ Lip filler & enhancements ᐧ  Nasolabial Lines ᐧ Jowls ᐧ Jaw definition ᐧ Cheek volumizing and contouring  ᐧ Non-surgical nose jobs ᐧ Tear troughs ᐧ Smile lines ᐧ Chin augmentation and shaping  ᐧ Dermaplaning & enzyme peels ᐧ Vitamin B12 injections ᐧ

*All injectable treatments carried out by registered nurse with over 7 years experience.